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Trafalgar Square & Curzon

26th February 2017

The Law of the Sea and The Salesman

On this Sunday, the 26th February, the 89th Oscars ceremony will take place in the USA. Asghar Farhadi, the incredibly talented, Oscar winning Iranian director who's film The Salesman is nominated for "best foreign-language film" has been denied entry to the US under Trump's Executive Order, also known as the 'Muslim Ban'.

In a great protest to this injustice, the Mayor Of London has arranged a free open air event in Trafalgar Square where Farhadi's film The Salesman will be screened. This free event is an opportunity for all of us to come together and embrace the diversity of London and celebrate the creative talent from all countries, cultures and communities.

It is with the greatest honour that I can say that The Law of the Sea will be screened alongside The Salesman at the event too, so its a massive thank you to Screen South and Random Acts and The Mayor of London for making this possible!

It is in the face of travel bans and closing borders coupled with the ever escalating war that we need to stand up and say London is open. It's events like these where we can collectively demonstrate that London is open to creative talent as well as people from all countries and all communities.

If you're about on Sunday from 3-7pm, come down to Trafalgar Square and join the stand against the travel ban and watch some great films!



The Law Of The Sea at NYICFF

The Law of the Sea has gotten into another festival, and what a fantastic festival to be a part of! The New York International Children's Film Festival is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and will be hosting a fantastic range of films, so if you're in the area be sure to go see this month!

The NYICFF is a non for profit organisation so if you'd like to donate you can do so here.

The Law of the Sea screening times are:

SVA Theatre, Sun. Feb 26th - 4:30PM

IFC Center, Sun. Mar 5th - 11:30AM

SVA Theatre, Sat. Mar 11th - 4:30PM

Scandinavia House, Sat. Mar 18th - 3:00PM

The Liberte Cup on ITV Hub

The new year brings an exciting start, a fantastic project from Grizzle London and Copa90 has finally gone live for ITV Hub!

You can watch the full video HERE

The Liberte Cup is built on a sensitive humanitarian premise. The refugee camp in Calais is being called a 'Jungle' in the media, dehumanising the hundreds of people who are stuck there.

The Liberte Cup was a football tournament held in a camp in Northern France bringing together people who are refugees from all walks of life to play a universally loved sport.

The animation strived to retain the personalities of the refugees while protecting their identities and stop them from becoming another disconnected blur.

A great quote from the episode is:

''Playing and supporting football might not solve the world's problems but The Liberte Cup demonstrated how it can be an equalising force which for some can transcend language, borders and backgrounds.


By design and necessity The Liberte Cup was temporary but the purpose was to send a lasting message bringing together a diverse group of people for a common goal.


For them, the mantra is 'as a team we can be stronger together''

Projects like this that portray people seeking refuge as normal people who enjoy engaging in the same everyday activities as everyone else are vitally important, especially when newspapers are flooded with malicious and desensitising content.

Thanks for reading!


The Law of the Sea on Channel 4 tonight!

Tonight, thats Thursday 8th of December 2016,  a film I co-directed and produced this year will be shown on C4 at midnight!

It's all very exciting, a lot of hard work and late nights went into creating this film and I'm so grateful that its getting such a great pay off.

If you're not up to much tonight, please tune in to watch!

Thanks for reading!

England Rugby Unbeaten 2016

Watch the video HERE!

This year, for those who don't follow sport, was apparently particularly good for the England Rugby Team!

They played 13 matches, and didn't lose a single one and this was cause for an animated celebration of course.

This project was led by the talented Stewart Powers and animation aided by Pepe Gomez
 and me!

It has already had 730k views including those from the England Rugby team themselves!

The Law of the Sea and some shameless self promotion

With the air date approaching ever nearer for our film, I thought I'd post a few interviews that have been doing the rounds.

This Is Local London have been ever so kind to write about us. Some local papers have been supporting all the North Londoners and Enfieldians around, here are the articles for The Enfield Independent and The Tottenham Independent.

Last one (and maybe the one that means most to me) is on UCA's News website!

I do hope with the broadcast and the articles that our film can make a difference, however small or personal.

There have also been a few big things in the pipeline which I will be posting about soon, so be sure to come back and read about them!




Grand Theft Auto

Great Toronto Area

Georgia Technology Authority

Graduate Teaching Assistant

All of the above are valid acronyms, but I only qualify as one of them and no, I am (unfortunately) not a Greater Toronto Area.

This week marks a month as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the beloved UCA, and the first week I presented my own thing on a screen! (Seminar? Lecture?)

Funnily enough the presentation was about blogs and websites, the how to's and don't do's, the look at these and up keeps required to keep your blog and website looking good. I obviously didn't use mine as an example, I felt like a sham as I had only recently deleted all my first year blogs after neglecting them for 3 years.

Despite it being towards some zombie like students, 9:30 am on a monday morning, I super enjoyed it and would love to do another

Here I am showing off a really great website courtesy of Animade, the puntastic AlphaChannel!


The Law of the Sea on C4 - Thursday 8th December 2016

If you have been watching Channel 4 on thursday nights you will have seen some truly amazing short films as part of the Random Acts Series 9, the fantastic I Dream of Zombies by fellow UCA graduates Jack Pollington and Alex Forbes kicked off last week and even had a spot on the treasured Gogglebox!

There will be a spot on C4 tonight and following thursdays for the Random Acts films, including my own 3 thursdays from now!

I'll post some reminders for everyone to tune in closer to the 8th.

For the time being, I urge everyone to watch some innovative and interesting shorts from us shiny, new directors on C4 and enjoy!