The Law at The Sea at the Gulbenkian

We are kicking off 2018 with some very good news, The Law of the Sea is going to be shown throughout Jaunary at the Gulbenkian Art Centre before a selection of features, I'm quite excited to say it will preface films such as Murder on the Orient Express, Happy End directed by Michael Haneke and Human Flow directed by Ai Weiwei.

The Law of the Sea will make appearances on the 8th, 12th, 14th and 20th of January, and if you're knocking about Cantebury and want to catch any of the films at the Gulbenkian, you can book tickets here.


This month marks one whole year since NERD asked me to join their talented roster of Animation Directors.

As a fresh lil animator in the big wide industry, the skills I've learned here so far have been invaluable, and with each new job I learn so much more!

Here's a small glimpse into the two projects I've worked on with NERD this year:


A short film comissioned by Janssen. The story follows the struggles of 3 women with multiple myeloma as they campaign to make the life saving drug Velcade available to thousands on the NHS. I hope to link it soon so you can watch it, but for now, enjoy some stills!

With thanks to Yael Biran and Shay Hamias

Sky Newsprint

A 15s ident for Sky Sports, my 3rd piece of directorial work to be shown on the TellyBox. When I graduated last year, my first animation job was as an intern rotoscoping Premiere League footage for social media content, a year on and I'm doing the same, but moved from intern to director. I still dont watch football... its a funny old world.

Big thank you's to my friends and fellow animators on this very quick turn around project:

Freddie Littlewood, Oliver Pendle, Pepe Gomez and Tom Willis

Encounters Film Festival!

Very pleased to announce that The Law of the Sea celebrates its first birthday with a screening at the 23rd Encounters Film Festival!


For those attending the Bristol event, the C4 film will be screened on Wednesday 20th of September as part of the touring Playback Exhibiton

As well as this, my friend's NFTS Grad film is also being shown! Homegrown, directed by the talented stop-motioner Quentin Haberham will take centre stage on Thursday the 21st as part of the aptly named Heartstrings category. Its a great film, and if you look closely you'll see my name pop up in the credits after lending a helping hand (ha!) modelling the hands and other bits for the puppets while volunteering at the NFTS last summer.

Keeping seats warm at LiveWire

The summer months bring many things, the heat of the sun, jugs of pimms, wrestling people for the last available bench in the pub garden, and perhaps most importantly the rise of outdoors sports - namely the widely celebrated Wimbledon Tennis!

This seems to have occupied most of the staff over at LiveWire, so I've had the pleasure of coming in and lending a helping hand!

While here I animated this for the Harlequins Rugby Team, I did a lil cricket, a lil Premier League and had the chance to get the paints out.

Beckham all painted up like

So yeah! Always great fun coming back here, and if you haven't checked it out already, go over and have a look at what Stew has been making for Wimbledon,

Thanks for reading!


Chelsea's Premier League Winning Title

Happy to say that since the release of this video and end of the PL 3 weeks ago, this beauty of an animation has received over 1 million views on facebook alone!

This was produced over at LiveWire Sport for Premier League following Chelsea FC's campaign, animation and illustration done mostly by the wonderfully talented Stewart Powers who kindly invited me in to help animate.

I'm very excited for all the future projects as I'll be lending a helping hand at LiveWire this summer, watch this space!

Making Time: Works inside Animation

The end of term is coming, Farnham students are looking for thrills en masse post hand-in, and what a better way to do than to swing by the James Hockey Gallery and surround yourself with beautiful moving things!

The exhibition is a lovely collection of works from Farnham animation students past and present, there's a reel of short films for you to watch and an insight into the thousands of sketchbooks we use to make them.

The exhibition is open until the 23rd of May.

Yesterday in pictures...


Trafalgar Square & Curzon

26th February 2017

The Law of the Sea and The Salesman

On this Sunday, the 26th February, the 89th Oscars ceremony will take place in the USA. Asghar Farhadi, the incredibly talented, Oscar winning Iranian director who's film The Salesman is nominated for "best foreign-language film" has been denied entry to the US under Trump's Executive Order, also known as the 'Muslim Ban'.

In a great protest to this injustice, the Mayor Of London has arranged a free open air event in Trafalgar Square where Farhadi's film The Salesman will be screened. This free event is an opportunity for all of us to come together and embrace the diversity of London and celebrate the creative talent from all countries, cultures and communities.

It is with the greatest honour that I can say that The Law of the Sea will be screened alongside The Salesman at the event too, so its a massive thank you to Screen South and Random Acts and The Mayor of London for making this possible!

It is in the face of travel bans and closing borders coupled with the ever escalating war that we need to stand up and say London is open. It's events like these where we can collectively demonstrate that London is open to creative talent as well as people from all countries and all communities.

If you're about on Sunday from 3-7pm, come down to Trafalgar Square and join the stand against the travel ban and watch some great films!