The Liberte Cup on ITV Hub

The new year brings an exciting start, a fantastic project from Grizzle London and Copa90 has finally gone live for ITV Hub!

You can watch the full video HERE

The Liberte Cup is built on a sensitive humanitarian premise. The refugee camp in Calais is being called a 'Jungle' in the media, dehumanising the hundreds of people who are stuck there.

The Liberte Cup was a football tournament held in a camp in Northern France bringing together people who are refugees from all walks of life to play a universally loved sport.

The animation strived to retain the personalities of the refugees while protecting their identities and stop them from becoming another disconnected blur.

A great quote from the episode is:

''Playing and supporting football might not solve the world's problems but The Liberte Cup demonstrated how it can be an equalising force which for some can transcend language, borders and backgrounds.


By design and necessity The Liberte Cup was temporary but the purpose was to send a lasting message bringing together a diverse group of people for a common goal.


For them, the mantra is 'as a team we can be stronger together''

Projects like this that portray people seeking refuge as normal people who enjoy engaging in the same everyday activities as everyone else are vitally important, especially when newspapers are flooded with malicious and desensitising content.

Thanks for reading!