'The Law Of The Sea' selected by Channel 4 Random Acts

Last year I applied for Random Acts. This year, the completed film that was comissioned by Screen South Ignition Network in partnership with the Arts Council was selected to go online!

Although picking up this project while in my final year of study meant 6 months of hard work and hardly sleeping, it all payed off when we received confirmation that the film had been picked up by Channel 4 this week.

'The Law Of The Sea' which I produced and co-directed with Dominika Ozynska has given me such a valuable insight into the real world of how to make a film. The subject matter was difficult to deal with at points but ultimately we felt that this perspective needed a voice.

The core of making this film meant flying out to Lesvos, Greece where refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria would enter Europe and interviewing local fisherman who have taken the role of rescuer in their stride.

I will link to the film once it goes live in May!

Thanks for reading