This month marks one whole year since NERD asked me to join their talented roster of Animation Directors.

As a fresh lil animator in the big wide industry, the skills I've learned here so far have been invaluable, and with each new job I learn so much more!

Here's a small glimpse into the two projects I've worked on with NERD this year:


A short film comissioned by Janssen. The story follows the struggles of 3 women with multiple myeloma as they campaign to make the life saving drug Velcade available to thousands on the NHS. I hope to link it soon so you can watch it, but for now, enjoy some stills!

With thanks to Yael Biran and Shay Hamias

Sky Newsprint

A 15s ident for Sky Sports, my 3rd piece of directorial work to be shown on the TellyBox. When I graduated last year, my first animation job was as an intern rotoscoping Premiere League footage for social media content, a year on and I'm doing the same, but moved from intern to director. I still dont watch football... its a funny old world.

Big thank you's to my friends and fellow animators on this very quick turn around project:

Freddie Littlewood, Oliver Pendle, Pepe Gomez and Tom Willis