Grand Theft Auto

Great Toronto Area

Georgia Technology Authority

Graduate Teaching Assistant

All of the above are valid acronyms, but I only qualify as one of them and no, I am (unfortunately) not a Greater Toronto Area.

This week marks a month as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the beloved UCA, and the first week I presented my own thing on a screen! (Seminar? Lecture?)

Funnily enough the presentation was about blogs and websites, the how to's and don't do's, the look at these and up keeps required to keep your blog and website looking good. I obviously didn't use mine as an example, I felt like a sham as I had only recently deleted all my first year blogs after neglecting them for 3 years.

Despite it being towards some zombie like students, 9:30 am on a monday morning, I super enjoyed it and would love to do another

Here I am showing off a really great website courtesy of Animade, the puntastic AlphaChannel!