Qualifiication unlocked - PGCert

Didja hear?

The wonders of UCA have done it again and educated me on the art of education. I am now a PGCertified pedagogue and a Fellow of Higher Education, a title I will promptly be adding to my email signature.

Here’s a picutre of me on graduation no.2


Sketchbook Fame

Been a while since I’ve written an update on here! There is a good reason, but I’ll talk about that another time!

For now, I’m here to just kind of be proud of my sketchbook. Last year I got over myself, and started a sketchbook account on instagram. I’ve kept sketchbooks for years and fairly recently decided to make it a thing.

Since then, I’ve written a piece for LBB Online about sketchbook keeping and had a cute little feature on the Tate Collective’s Instagram Page.

I could write how I feel about this here, but its much the same as what I’ve written for LBB, so go check out my words over there!

And while you’re at it - here’s another feature as part of the Getting Down and NERDy series.

Thanks for reading!

The Law of the Sea at IKFF 2018

The Law of the Sea has been screened in schools in India this November as part of the International Kid’s Film Festival 2018.

It’s super lovely to be included in this programme, this festival is unlike others in the reach it has with young audiences and the platform and encouragement they provide for budding cinematic fanatics.

Starting from 14th November, the Festival will be hosted by almost 2000 schools. Besides watching these 92 films from more than 30 countries, the students will also be able to Learn Cinema through our online filmmaking course and Make Cinema by participating in our student filmmaking competition. We also have a Child Jury of 20 kids from across the world who will be selecting films for awards along with our 6 adult Jury members. 

Their festival promo is up online for all to watch and they’ve kindly given me a very nice colourful laurel to add to my collection!


Huge thank you to the festival for including our film and best of luck with the tour around over 2000 schools!

Tales of the Tracks, BCS

Another great project to have done alongside some lovely faces at LiveWire Sport, I've been responsible for a series of 9 informational videos about the best of british racetracks narrated by the racing reporter, Oli Bell.

I'll go through and update when all of the videos are released onto the twitter channel, but as of yet at the half way mark, my works been viewed 150k+ times on just twitter!


CMC 2018

Well, what a lovely conference!

Held in Sheffield, The Children's Media Conference is a gathering of wonderful people from all different disciplines working in Media. I attended this year as a volunteer as means to learn about the industry and ended up with fortuitous opportunities and a revitalised energy to develop my own IP.

I want to say a big ol' Thank You to the production team behind the conference, they did a smashing job and I hope to see them again in the future!

Here I am getting a taste of the pannelist life!




Annecy Animation Festival 2018

A few pictures from our week in Annecy, with a selection of the finest friends and animators in the biz.

Another Year at UCA

Another fantastic Grad show from all the talented students at UCA closes my second year there as a teaching assistant. This year I was welcomed to tutor on BA Animation and DFSA, I've had a wonderful time getting to know a new batch of students and I'm so very excited to see them graduate!

The grad show this year is open from the 6th of June - 15th of June and I urge you all to go and feast your eyes.

As the term ends and so does my position as TA, however I'm super excited to return this summer as a tutor as part of the Outreach team.

Thanks for reading!


Feature on It's Nice That & The Next Round of Playback


The Law of The Sea has been touring the UK as part of the Playback Exhibition for the last two years, and yesterday was the kick off launch party at the ICA marking its 3rd year in circulation! The exhbition will be at the ICA till the 23rd of March.

Super human Corinne Orton is a driving force behind the exhibition and also the word-writer for this piece in my favourite magazine, It's Nice That.

Thank you to Corinne for the lovely feature and also congrats to my fellow ladies and friends who are also in the article!


Natwest 6 Nations

Back on the sports stuff!

A spot I edited an animated over at LiveWire Sport for the 6 Nations Rugby Super Saturday.

As of yet its been viewed 50k+ times across twitter and instagram alone.

you can watch it here


Screenings at Waterstones

Out and about Tottenham Court Road on Thursday? Why not pop into Waterstones and see a screening of Screen South Ignition Shorts, with a special focus on Animation. The Law of The Sea will be screened as well as Hiveminds, another excellent animation from UCA students turned alumni.

You can RSVP here and there's going to be panels and workshops too, hope to see some friendly faces there!